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War in the Caucasus?
...America may be lurching toward something it carefully avoided throughout the cold war: an armed confrontation between a U.S. client state and Moscow on Russia's own border.
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‘This is ethnic cleansing’ – Georgia
THE tiny former Soviet republic of Georgia accused Russia of ethnic cleansing yesterday after the Kremlin cut trade, transport and postal links and began to investigate children with Georgian names in Moscow schools.
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About Georgia
Georgia is a country in Europe to the east of the Black Sea, most of which is located in the South Caucasus. It shares borders with Russia in the north and Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan in the south. It has a population of 4,661,473 as og July 2006. Politicallty Georgia is a democracy with a parliment whose members are elected via popular vote. Economically its main economic activities are agricultural their main produce includes grapes, citrus fruits, and hazelnuts. There is also mining of manganese and copper.

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